Children Dentistry in Barnsley

It’s never too early to start a good oral health routine.

Here at Mapplewell Dental Centre, preventative care is our key priority. We believe that it should be implemented to cover all ages, including children with baby teeth.

One in four children have tooth decay when they start school1 and the process to treat this can be an uncomfortable experience for you and your child. Through preventative care we look to stop the decay from happening, as well as providing solutions to remove pain if it occurs.

Our aim is to provide a positive experience to allow children to enjoy their visit, rather than worrying about it. With Dom, our child-focussed dentist, we offer a calm, fun, welcoming and understanding approach that leaves a lasting, positive impression.

1Government statistics - Child oral health: applying All Our Health.

Meet Our Dentist, Dom

Dom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in not just child dentistry, but the needs of children when it comes to the worry surrounding check-ups and general visits to the practice.

Qualifying from Sheffield Dental Hospital in 2014, Dom went on to spend a year in the Maxillofacial Surgery department at the Leeds General Infirmary.

Dom is passionate about children’s dentistry and treating the dentally anxious, as well as prevention of dental disease and the treatment of gum disease, making him the ideal person to lead our child dentistry service.

Tips and Advice from our Professionals
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The Mapplewell Child Check-Up

Before we begin the check-up, we’ll assess how anxious your child is about dental treatment – most children are perfectly happy at the dentist but it’s essential we spot the 20% who are nervous. Once we’ve assessed the needs of your child, we’ll thoroughly check for the following:

Dental decay - Looking for colour changes within teeth.
Standard of oral hygiene - Identifying areas where plaque is present.
Crowded, missing or spaced teeth - To identify if orthodontics (teeth straightening) are needed.

Once the check-up’s complete, we’ll provide you with:
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