Busting Myths in Barnsley

We’ve all had tips and tricks passed down to us through the years, from those secret family recipes to the best cure for a cold, and when it comes to looking after teeth, it’s no different! We’ve heard so many different stories at Mapplewell that we thought it’s time to brush up on our knowledge together and bust those myths!

Fruit juices and smoothies are the healthy choice…

You want a healthy drink, you reach for the fruit juice, right? Wrong! The problem with fruit juices is they contain as much as seven teaspoons of sugar in a 250ml glass, rivalling the decaying effect of fizzy drinks. They’re also highly acidic, meaning they weaken the enamel, so always make sure your child waits an hour before brushing after drinking fruit juice.

Baby teeth don’t matter, they fall out anyway…

This one is wrong for a few reasons. Number 1, all teeth are important! Baby teeth can last up to the age of 12, meaning if the teeth start decaying or causing problems early there can be many years of care. Number 2, if baby teeth cause problems, it could mean painful trips to the dentist, and lead to lifelong negative perceptions of dentists. It can be difficult to get them to return for future check-ups which impacts their adult teeth. It’s a long game, but one that should always be started as soon as possible. Number 3, 2-3% of the population do not develop all their adult teeth, so a deciduous tooth may be the only one they will get!

Always rinse after brushing your teeth…

When you brush your teeth, you should never rinse. Brushing with toothpaste coats your teeth in fluoride, a substance that acts as protection for the enamel long after brushing. If you rinse, you wash it away! We know the mint taste is an acquired one for children, so have a browse around at different flavours, always checking the fluoride levels are 1450ppm.

As long as you brush straight after, sugar is ok…

Brushing directly after eating sugary snacks is the worst time to do it. In the hour after consuming sugar, acid softens the enamel, any brushing then causes this enamel to wear down. It’s always best to wait at least an hour before brushing, to allow for the enamel to regain strength and the saliva to neutralise any acids. Also consider giving your child a small piece of cheese to speed up the process, that or a fluoride mouthwash!

We’ve looked at four myths here that are common discussion points at the surgery, let us know your best piece of advice, and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track!


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