Child Checkup in Barnsley

It’s not the easiest task getting your kids to the dentist. At the Mapplewell Dental Centre we believe that a visit to us can be a fun learning experience. Preventative care is pain-free and reduces the chance of needing more complicated treatment such as removing decaying teeth

Our Mapplewell Child Check-Up is designed to be fun and educational, teaching current best practice in oral care, so your children are excited to see their dentist!

Our process is shaped by how nervous the patient is. Although the majority are perfectly happy, approximately 20% of patients show signs of anxiety. Dom, one of our associate dentists, is trained in dealing with dental anxiety in children through a calming and transparent approach. It’s simply a case of understanding the patient’s needs and going from there.

A typical check-up will follow these steps:

We won’t be strangers, we’ll provide a warm welcome into the surgery to make your child feel comfortable. We’ll assess their anxiety levels and determine the best next steps.


We’ll complete a thorough exploratory exam, looking for potential signs of decay, plaque build-up and tooth positioning in general.


Once we’ve completed the oral checks, we’ll provide an oral health education. Outlining what we’ve found in simple terms, and providing tips and tricks to keep teeth and gums in the best shape possible.


Along with feedback for your child, we’ll create a risk assessment for you as the parent, which will show how ‘at risk’ your child is to dental disease. This will enable us to develop a recommended treatment plan, including when to schedule a follow-up appointment.


Putting what they’ve learnt into practice will help maintain their brilliant smile, so we provide a goody bag to take away containing tools and treats to keep your child engaged in their oral hygiene.

Each check-up will be tailored to the child, but we’ll cover all of the above and more, hopefully changing the way visits to the dentist are perceived!

If you have any questions about the check-up or want to book an appointment, give the surgery a call on 01226 383703.

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