2 Spark Lane
South Yorkshire
S75 6AA

01226 383703

The practice will remain open during the new Lockdown period, from 5th November.

Patient and staff safety has always been a priority at Mapplewell and we pride ourselves on the high level of cross infection control already in place but as I'm sure you will understand, at the current time, your appointment is not without risk and if you would prefer not to attend an appointment at this time, we understand this. Please contact the practice if you would like to rearrange any booked appointments.

We are continuing to follow strict protocols and procedures regarding personal protective equipment, cross infection control and fallow time after aerosol generating procedures, therefore all appointment times have been extended. In addition to this, our hygienists are continuing to carry out hand scaling only.

Due to us having to book out more clinical time for each appointment and the increased demand on private dentistry within the area, we are introducing a new clinician to the team on a permanent basis. Rebecca Winterbottom will be joining us from 2nd December, working a Monday and Tuesday.

We continue to ask that you wear a face covering to attend your appointment and attend alone. If someone is driving you to your appointment, they should stay in the car. If a medical carer is needed or if you are attending with a child, only one person is to attend. Please also only bring along the essentials to your appointment. No shopping bags or anything that isn't necessary.

We ask that you call the practice when you arrive in the car park. We will invite you to come across to the practice, only when the previous patient has left the building. A team member will answer the door to you, you will be asked to sanitise your hands at the door and directed to the treatment room.

We kindly ask that any payment, if required, is made via contactless card payment or apple pay. If the card payment is over £45, you will be asked to put your pin in. The card machine has a disposable cover which is changed after each use. If you do have to make a cash payment, an envelope will be available for you to pop the cash into, to hand over to the receptionist. Please do bring the correct change.

Please do not attend the practice and call us to rearrange your appointment if:

You have travelled overseas in the past 14 days

You, or anyone in your household have symptoms of Covid 19 (such as a fever or a cough)

You are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 patient.

You are of course, welcome to decide not to attend if you do not agree with any of the above procedures but we do hope that you understand the need for these requirements.


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